Established in 1993 distributing from a small warehouse in Mallusk, In 2000 moved into a purpose built office and warehouse complex on the outskirts of Lisburn.

All sales and distribution of Hunky Dorys, King, Perri, Velvet Crunch crisps & snacks are from this complex, from the humble beginnings in 1993 to present day, distribution now includes all of the major multiple supermarkets, symbol stores and independents in Northern Ireland.

Hunky Dorys as a brand continues to increase year on year, with some Risque promotional and marketing activity (remember the lady rugby players) we still get requests from consumers about footage and posters!!

Velvet Crunch continues to lead the way in the “healthier” sector of crisps & snacks, it is based on the Cassava plant (similar to a sweet potato) and has only 83 calories per pack, in 3 delicious flavours.

Perri Crisps were first established in 1958, since then the brand has gone through many visual and content changes, they are now primarily our kids snack range with a great many flavours and shapes.

King Crisps are also a long established brand and growth increases are fantastic, truly amazing flavours have consumers wanting more.

Consumers and retailers alike will see our new bright green trucks with the buffalo bursting from the sides, these are driven by our Van sales people visiting your local stores every week.

Our part in helping the community is very important, we make decisions each year on which charities and sporting organisations we “sponsor” we were a major sponsor of The NORTHERN IRELAND MILK CUP IN 2010, and also a large number of smaller clubs and organisations, we are continuing this in 2011 and beyond.

We have opened a visitor centre near the main factory which also includes a factory tour to see how the crisps and snacks are made, there are also hundreds of exotic and local animals in the park and also a truly amazing activity area for the kids. All the visiting kids come away with a wonderful goodie bag.

The Feel Good range of drinks is proving very popular with our customers and is now available in most convenience stores throughout the province. They are all natural flavours and are one of your recommended 5 a day.